Postdoc research on self-regulation among adolescents mentioned on NeuroLabNL website

Organized the fifth Wearables In Practice Symposium at the VU in Amsterdam

Presented at the Quantified Self QS4 meet-up in Utrecht

Registration open for the (fifth) Wearables In Practice Symposium hosted by the VU in Amsterdam on the 12th of December

Published data paper of the Terror Management and Multiculturalism paper

Published data of Terror Management and Multiculturalism paper

Published Multiculturalism and Terror Management paper in Frontiers

Organizing the fifth edition of the Wearables In Practice Symposium at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Postdoc position and new direction

Presented poster at the 4th Wearables In Practice Symposium, hosted by TNO Soesterberg


Attended Workshop on Funding Your Business Idea by Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA)

Talked about my PhD touch research Live on popular national radio show Spijkers met Koppen

PhD touch research mentioned in Het Parool

Attended the Conference of the International Association for the Study of Affective Touch (IASAT)

Attended Business & Science Event of the Amsterdam Innovation Exchange (IXA)

My journey to running coupled oscillator models in Tucson, Arizona

Working on my social sharing ECG data in Tucson, Arizona

Entered Amsterdam Science and Innovation Award 2017

Testing the NIRSport by NIRX

Received FGB Talent Fund to visit the University of Arizona


Saying goodbye to Tübingen

More Coursera courses

Update on our NIRS hyperscanning project

Coursera course 'Improving Your Statistical Inferences'

Setting up a hyperscanning project using NIRS in Tübingen, Germany

Dutch Data Prize 2016

Received NWO Open Access grant (for publication of data paper on touch and the ERN)

Some introductions to R Statistics

Attended UBVU seminar: Publishing and integrity: is openness the answer?

Published data paper on touch and the ERN in Data in Brief

Published research paper on touch and the ERN in Neuroscience Letters

Attended Master thesis defense: Designing a mediated touch interaction for increased empathy between alexithymics and their loved ones


Participated in Postdoc Career Development Initiative course

Participated in PhD course on Scientific Integrity

Gave a guest lecture on social emotion regulation

Attended Hack the Body expert meeting on synchrony

Presented at the 1st Dutch Touch meeting

Presented at NIAS-Lorentz workshop on social support and technology

Presented poster at the 2015 ICPS conference


Presented at the 2014 EASP Conference

Presented at 2014 KLI Conference

Published embodied terror management paper


Presented at 2013 ASPO conference

Attended interdisciplinary summer school on embodied intersubjectivity

Presented research at 2013 APS and SSM conference

Published interpersonal touch article at In-Mind.org


Attended Heidelberg conference on embodiment

Received NWO Mosaic grant to do PhD research

Conducting the touch ERP study

Internship research mentioned in Intermediair Magazine