I am here to update on myself and the direction my career is taking. In February, I started a Postdoc at my university, the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. It is a 1,5 year gig at the Biological Psychology department on the same floor as Clinical Psychology department, my previous employer. The gig is part of the large interdisciplinary, multi-university research project NeuroLabNL, which has the main focus of increasing self-regulation ability among young people. Poor self-regulation is related to numerous outcomes rerelevant to young people, including learning outcomes, bullying and being bullied, and anti-social behavior. Therefore, there is a research line, and team addressing each of these domains within NeuroLabNL with the ambitious goal of investigating how to increase self-regulation among young people and improve their learning and school outcomes, and their social and societal outcomes. My job and team part of Line 4: Developing novel physiological measurement devices, Wearables that can improve self-regulation ability. My job is to do a literature search, and write a review that provides an overview of current biological measures that can be measured using existing Wearables that can inform young people about their self-regulation ability and related behavior. I am also helping to manage a LinkedIn Group called Wearables In Practice. Lastly, we are working with two research lines to set up ambulatory research projects to gather data to learn about the most relevant biological measures that are informative in creating useful Wearable devices for youngsters.