It’s been two months since I’ve started setting up the hyperscanning study at the Psychophysiology & Optical Imaging research group. After a month of trying out and tweaking our experimental design, which is quite intricate (fNIRS, ECG, video and audio recording), we started running our first dyads early November. I’m happy and relieved to report that the experiment is running smoothly now, mostly thanks to the excellent assistance that I’m receiving from the tech personel here, who really seem to form the heart or core of the group. Students sign up readily for the study, and we’ve already scheduled them on the remaining time we have in the lab. I have about three weeks left before my visit at the University of Tübingen comes to an end but I predict a succesful and happy ending. Meanwhile, my appreciation of and admiration for the research group has only grown. Expertise, professionalism… but at the same time a very informal atmosphere with lots of joking and laughter. It’s not hard to see why people want to become and stay a part of this group.