Happy to report that I’ve finished the ‘Improving Your Statistical Inferences’ course on Coursera. I think I was five weeks behind on the assignments at some point, but I managed to find some free time to catch up and then power through the rest of the course (had to finish the hyperscanning set-up first). The course included a short preregistration assignment using the Open Science Framework. I’ve wondered for a while now how much work it would be to preregister a study, so it was nice to go through a short version of that process. It’s not time-consuming at all once you get the hang of it. I highly recommend the course.

Unexpectedly, it also piqued my interest in Bayesian statistics, so I signed up right away for ‘Bayesian Statistics: From Concept to Data Analysis’, which was very well-rated on Coursera. It doesn’t start until mid-December, so in the meantime I’ll try to learn some MATLAB basics, as I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ll need to analyse the NIRS data. I’ll be trying out the ‘Introduction to Programming with MATLAB’ course, and will hopefully post an update about my progress before the end of this year.