It’s been a while since I’ve updated. I’m currently in Tucson, Arizona! I arrived about a week ago, and had a short overlay at JFK airport. I’m staying at a great loft apartment that has all the essentials as well as modern conveniences (like an insinkerator!) that you can imagine. I can walk (or bike) to the University of Arizona in about 25 minutes. The campus is big and impressive, and the people are relaxed and friendly. I went to the UofA to check in and I’ve met up with the Professor that I’m visiting. Prof. Emily Butler is very friendly, welcoming and easy to talk to. She’s also working on very exciting developments on (the modeling of) emotional co-regulation. This is the main reason I’m in Tucson, and I’ve spent the last week working on and prepping the heart rate data I collected in Tuebingen, Germany. It’s not without its’ challenges, but I’m making progress. The big Goal is to try and analyse and understand this data, and perhaps to collaborate on a paper together. I’ll be in Tucson until May 16th, after which I’ll have a short, hopefully well-deserved, vacation with my partner’s family in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.