I have been testing participants for an EEG study on the effects of simulated interpersonal touch on a neural marker of error processing: the error-related negativity. I am slowly getting a knack for preparing participants for each recording. I learned of all the possible ways an EEG recording may be distorted, and the care that goes into obtaining clean interpretable data. Also, many technical problems needed to be solved and it was a challenge to deal with them and to liaise with the technical staff about these matters. Dr Koole found two psychology graduates who assisted me with the data collection. It was fun to instruct them all that I had learned during the past weeks.

After testing the last participants the previous week, two researchers from another research group started using the laboratory and equipment. Because they had no previous experience with EEG research, I was asked to instruct them on the workings of the lab and how to prepare participants. Again, it was nice to transfer the skills and knowledge I had learned to other people new to the technique. Soon after, I followed a brief one-day tutorial given by Dr Heslenfeld on how to analyze the EEG data using Neuroscan.