I was selected (on a competitive basis) to participate in a very interesting, interdisciplinary summer school on the island of Aegina, Greece, on embodied intersubjectivity. They invited around 50 PhD students, post-docs, and other (mostly) young researchers and of course a large number of people to teach us. The presentations were given by leading researchers from the fields of experimental,developmental and social psychology, cognitive and social neuroscience, anthropology, primatology and philosophy. The programme included sessions on:

  • 1st person perspectives of embodiment
  • The embodied self in interaction with the world
  • Ontogenetic and phylogenetic perspectives on social cognition
  • Transition from 3rd person- to 2nd person perspective in social neuroscience
  • Embodying other people‚Äôs minds and bodies

It was a very nice week with many interesting lectures, kind people, a beautiful location and great food. During the week, I also gave a short presentation on my work on touch and existential concerns, and I presented a poster afterwards on the same topic. Before I left Greece, I was able to sneak a very nice visit to the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum.