About one week ago, I received word from the PhD Education Committee (PEC) of my faculty that my Talent Fund application has been granted. I applied for this grant back in October, when I was visiting the University of Tübingen. The fund pays for a two month stay in Tucson, Arizona in order to collaborate with dr. Emily Butler, an expert on emotional co-regulation, and to visit her Health & Interpersonal Systems (HIS) Research Group. The goal is to work on the pile of physiological data I collected during the hyperscanning study in Tübingen, which involved pairs of friends sharing an emotional experience. So it looks like I’ll be traveling again in April and May, before finishing my dissertation in the summer.

Incidentally, I just finished the introductory Coursera course: ‘Bayesian Statistics: From Concept to Data Analysis’. It was rather heavy on math and I struggled quite a bit, finishing only a couple hours before the deadline. Still, I think it might come in handy for at least some of the data analyses.