Current Interests

During my graduate and post-graduate studies, I was particularly interested in the buffering and emotion-regulating effects of touch and belonging. This line of research involves correlational studies, experimental lab studies, online surveys and some field studies (in the Amsterdam area), as well as studies using physiological measures such as electroencephalography (EEG) and electrocardiagram (ECG). My specific research interests in this area included: touch, adult attachment, loneliness, mental health, and existential concerns.

These interests have led me to develop broad, multi-disciplinary interests within the psychological sciences and neurosciences, and an increasing interest in a multi-method approach to research. More recently, I have been looking to expand my research outside of the university laboratories to investigate (close) relationships in more ecological settings, with particular interests in the developmental origins of emotion regulation and self-regulation, as well as co-regulation within close relationships (e.g., parent-infant, romantic partners, close friends). My research interests in this area include: attachment theory, romantic relationships, emotional sharing, and methods for dyadic and longitudinal research. This line of research mostly involves physiological measures such as ECG, ICG, skin conductance as well as and near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS).

Eventually, I hope to apply my understanding of emotion regulation by designing and evaluating interventions that strengthen the bonds between parents and children, between romantic partners, and within families and communities.